Unbreakable bond: The story of an autistic boy and his loyal dog who are inseparable best friends.

Meet James Isaac, a 9-year-old boy who has autism and faces challenges when it comes to communicating with others due to his inability to talk. However, James has found a loyal companion in the form of Mahe, his beloved service dog. For almost three years now, Mahe has been by James’ side, providing unwavering support and assistance whenever needed.

A New Zealand resident named James recently underwent an MRI scan to figure out the reason behind his seizures. The medical personnel at Wellington Children’s Hospital, observing how much the two of them relied on one another, allowed Mahe to accompany James during the procedure. During the scan, Mahe provided comfort to James by snuggling up to him and keeping him calm.

While James was under general anesthesia and sleeping in a hospital bed, Mahe was by his side in a protective manner while Michelle, James’ mother, captured the tender moment on camera. According to Michelle, going out with James was once a challenge until they met Mahe. Simple outings like visiting a café were difficult for James because he would quickly become restless and want to leave.

According to her, James had a laid-back attitude and would simply hang out until we finished our coffee upon arriving in Mahe. The Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust had provided six months of training to Mahe so that she could aid children with autism and other disabilities like cerebral palsy.

Trained dogs have the ability to capture their owners’ attention and notify other family members when something unusual occurs. They are also capable of finding missing objects or people. Wendy Isaacs, the financial development manager of the trust, emphasized the special bond between autistic children and these canines, as they have a calming effect on the youngsters.

There’s no denying that dogs are the ultimate companions.

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