Rescuing a Stray Poodle: A Determined Rescuer’s Story Despite Being Bitten

Badly Injured Stray Poodle Bites Rescuer But She Refuses to Giνe Uρ

Despite being badly injured and highly suspicious of people, a brave poodle was rescued by a group of individuals who refused to give up on her. Although she initially bit one of her rescuers, the poodle showed unconditional devotion to the group after they persevered in their efforts to help her.

The animal rescue team from HOPE FOR PAWS received an urgent call about a stray dog that was in critical condition. They immediately headed to the location in Los Angeles early in the morning, hoping to save the dog’s life. Upon arrival, they spotted a white dog lying near the spot where they were directed. The dog was covered with a blanket that had an American flag pattern, which seemed like it was intended to be used as a bed.

One of the rescuers approached the dog cautiously and tried to lure it in with some food. As they got closer, they noticed that part of the dog’s hind limb was missing, which explained why it was having a hard time moving. The dog responded positively to the food but was still terrified and hesitant to come near the rescuers.

Despite their best efforts, the dog eventually disappeared into the nearby jungle. The HOPE FOR PAWS team was saddened by this outcome, but they left some food and water for the dog in case it returned. They hoped that the dog would eventually trust them enough to let them help him and give him the care he desperately needed.

Loreta, a member who values protection, decided to remain calm instead of running away in fear when someone moved. She patiently waited and eventually managed to feed the animal from her hand after 45 minutes. Finally, she was able to grab the animal by its nape!

The journey was quite treacherous for Loreta as she was bitten several times, but she remained steadfast throughout. Upon inspection, her finger bore a series of bite marks, which must have caused her considerable discomfort. Despite this, she managed to maintain her composure and even named the person who had bitten her, Washington.

Although his legs were injured critically, Washington maintained a positive attitude as he was being transported to the hospital.

Even when he’s lying on an examination table at the hospital, his tail never stops wagging! It’s as if his entire body is filled with joy whenever something good happens.

After shaving my head and taking a refreshing shower, I let my hair stay fluffy. Unfortunately, I did lose the tip of my foot at some point, but thankfully the rest of it was spared.

Washington’s face lights up with a big grin as he catches sight of the protection team. He was transferred to a short-term care facility after leaving the hospital, where he would stay until his foster parents arrive.

Take a look at the video and witness her amazing interaction with the rest of the dogs from the shelter. Also, observe how she develops a strong bond with Loreta.

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