Meet Kitty: The Charming Dual-Personality Cat that’s Captivating the Online World.

Recently, things have been tough for everyone and a little bit of happiness can go a long way. Fortunately, there’s always an adorable animal that can bring a smile to our faces. Meet the charming Cat (or แมว in Thai), owned by Eve, a 27-year-old entrepreneur based in Thailand. Take a moment to appreciate this cutie and forget about the worries of the world.

Cat, the split-face torti kitty from Thailand

It’s hard not to be amazed by the beautiful facial patterns of Cat. Her face is split into two halves, one showcasing a gorgeous pale blonde hue and the other displaying a stunning grey tabby shade. Eve adopted Cat when she was only three months old back in November 2018. It was love at first sight for Eve as she couldn’t resist Cat’s irresistible pink nose and tongue.

Cat playing with Peter the cockroach

My feline companion, who has been with me for almost two years now, displays distinct and exceptional traits.


Cat the split-face cat playing with toilet paper

Eve finds joy in the pursuit of hunting down cockroaches and enjoys playing a game of hide-and-seek with toilet paper, which she considers to be her favorite treat. Nevertheless, she does have a self-imposed limit regarding how much she can consume.

cat playing with a feather toy

Eve claims that Peter, a cockroach who lives in their house, is Cat’s preferred playmate and she loves chasing after him. As a cat owner, it’s not uncommon to see our feline friends indulge in activities that make us uneasy, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying their favorite pastimes.

Cat with toilet paper


As per Eve’s conversation with, she finds cockroaches to be her most preferred insect to play with. She likes the way they move fast and their bigger size, notwithstanding the fact that they can fly. But, when they start to become too playful, she admits to feeling a bit scared.



Although Cat tends to be timid when meeting new individuals, she has managed to garner a massive audience on Instagram, where she is a sensation with thousands of followers.



Be sure to take a peek at her Instagram profile for additional endearing material and relish in a multitude of snapshots showcasing the captivating mug of the Cat. During moments like these, a touch of sweetness could certainly brighten up our days!


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