“Lucky Pup: Deaf Dog Rescued from Bee Attack Brings Miracle to Life”

It’s horrible enough to be stung by numerous bees, but the situation got worse for Stinger when his family left him at a shelter following the incident. Rescuers gave the deaf Pit Bull his name as he arrived at the shelter with blisters all over his body, putting his life at risk.

Due to the severity of the dog’s condition, the shelter authorities decided to put him down instead of providing treatment. However, Carri Shipaila, the owner of LuvnPupz rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, came forward to offer her help. Upon hearing about Stinger, she traveled for almost an hour to take him away from the shelter.

Unfortunately, his relatives refused to care for him, so she took it upon herself to rescue Stinger and nurse him back to health. She tended to his stings, along with a secondary skin ailment and sarcoptic mange.

Regrettably, he was diagnosed with Pemphigus, a chronic autoimmune disease that he will have to live with indefinitely.

Due to the expenses incurred for his treatment, he is not available for adoption. However, a foster parent has given him a permanent loving home, and LuvnPupz will still provide him with therapy and care.

Stinger’s transformation is remarkable since the time he was abandoned at the shelter. His blisters have healed completely and now he has a stunning white fur.

This furry friend has found his forever home and is living his best life! He’s full of energy and always spreading love to those around him. Let’s spread the happiness and share his story with our loved ones.

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