Discover the Adorable Feline Marley, Born with a Unique “Monday Morning” Look

It’s unfair how quickly Sunday seems to fly by and we’re left dealing with a long and dull Monday. However, you’re not alone as there’s a cat who seems to share your disdain for Monday. Meet Marley, the ginger cat with distinctive markings that make it seem like he’s perpetually grumpy. People often mistake his appearance for him being upset but in reality, Marley is a happy and loving cat on the inside. He lives with his curious-looking friend Sherman, a cat with beautiful blue eyes. Despite his stern expression, Marley has gained quite a following on Instagram with almost 100,000 followers. So if you’re tired of scrolling through photos of cats looking fed up with life, be sure to check out Marley’s Instagram account for more about this interesting kitty! #MondayFace

Hello there! My name is Marley and, yes, this is my usual face.

When attempting to showcase your best smile:

#4 “Hey, what’s catching your eye?”
#5 “Mom, could I have a bite to eat?”

After a lengthy day of relaxing

“I’m about to snap a fresh selfie for my Tinder profile.”

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