Desperately Awaiting a Forever Home: Struggling Through Hunger and Illness.

In Ukraine’s Pokhrofskoy Richardalovsky town, a concerned young woman named Xenia reached out to a local animal shelter via Facebook. She reported that two dogs had been left chained and alone near her house for a month since their owner’s departure. Despite being ridiculed by skeptics, Xenia panicked and deleted the post upon detecting a foul odor emanating from the house. The local shelter’s rescue team was determined to save the suffering pets despite having no contact information other than the photos posted by Xenia. After three long hours of searching and questioning locals, they finally reached the house. With no key available, they were forced to break the lock to enter. Sadly, one of the dogs did not survive the ordeal, and a terrible stench filled the air.

There was also a Labrador with us. He seemed to be in a terrible condition as he had become very thin and sick. It looked like he hadn’t eaten anything for days and was crying constantly, his tears kept flowing. Perhaps he was feeling very sad and scared. He was so afraid that he couldn’t even look at us as his saviors.

Boss was the chosen name for the tired little one who was being taken to the veterinarian for a check-up. After receiving a blood transfusion, the baby would be kept at the clinic for some time until he fully recovered. One thing that stood out about Boss was his healthy appetite. He ate well, which was a great sign, and showed that he was an intelligent little creature.

Every passing day, Boss is growing and changing. Recently, he was released and found a temporary home where he was warmly welcomed. However, Boss is still on the lookout for his forever home where he can experience joy and happiness.

At long last, some great news arrived: Boss has found a forever home with a family in Kiev. The start of Boss’s exciting new chapter has begun!

We’re excited to witness the upcoming happy moments of this delightful angel. The boss is undeniably stunning, cherishing all that he has and blessed with a wonderful family.

“Boss, we will forever cherish the addition of your new family to our lives. You will be dearly missed.”

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