“A Story of Unbreakable Spirit: Meet the Resilient Dog Who Overcame 17 Gunshot Wounds, Loss of Sight and is Now Spreading Love”

In Lebanon, a poor dog was discovered with its ear cut off, blind, pregnant, and shot multiple times with pellets. The heartless individual who did this cruel act left the innocent animal chained up by the side of the road.

Maggie was about to spend more time in the streets if it weren’t for a compassionate man who found her, provided first aid, and brought her to Beirut. However, the pup’s journey to safety didn’t end there. A UK-based rescue organization, Wild At Heart Foundation, learned about Maggie’s situation and decided to take her under their care and find a foster home for her. This is where Kasey Carlin enters the picture. Upon seeing a photo of Maggie, Carlin’s mother urged her to foster the dog, and she agreed to take her in.

Kasey discovered that Maggie had fallen victim to an unfortunate incident, where she was shot in the eyes with an air pistol and suffered severe infections, resulting in the removal of her eyes. Even after returning to the UK, Kasey found that numerous pellets were still embedded in Maggie’s body. Despite the immense pain and trauma that Maggie had endured, Kasey was drawn to her kind nature and loving heart. So much so that Kasey made the decision to adopt Maggie as her own.

Kasey shares that Maggie isn’t a purebred and has unique physical traits, such as having no eyes, a missing ear, scars on her face, and saggy skin. Despite this, Maggie’s immense love and affectionate personality make her special and well-loved by everyone who interacts with her. Kasey encourages embracing differences and unconventionality as a part of one’s beauty. Maggie has thrived under Kasey’s care, and her unconditional love and infectious spirit have captured the hearts of many. She reminds everyone of their inner strength.

As soon as Kasey laid her eyes on Maggie, she had a gut feeling that Maggie possessed all the qualities of an excellent therapy dog. Without wasting any time, Kasey embarked on a training journey with Maggie, and the results were outstanding – Maggie aced it!

Kasey plans to team up with me to give talks at schools and personally engage with children,” she shares. Despite the terrible incident that happened to Maggie, Kasey believes that by sharing her story, we can inspire others to do good and make the world a better place. Maggie loves taking long walks daily.

Maggie has a strong affection for her beloved “sister” Mishka, and the two of them derive great pleasure from snuggling up close to each other.

At times, her past creeps up on her, but having Mishka by her side brings comfort. Unfortunately, her damaged ear is prone to getting infected. The reason for this is due to the severe mistreatment Maggie endured, resulting in inadequate medical attention. Her ear canal is narrow, and the cartilage that supports it is deformed, resembling cauliflower ear seen in rugby players. As a result, I need to be extra vigilant when it comes to her ear health. Although she doesn’t appear too distressed, I gave her a break from work to relax. Mishka knew something was wrong and tried to help by licking her sore ear. I’m grateful that these two take good care of each other and have a genuine bond.

With the help of committed rescuers and the power of social media, Maggie has overcome her past of being abandoned while tied to a box. Today, she is living her life to the fullest and it’s inspiring to see how far she has come.

Take a look at the video below to catch further glimpses of Maggie’s tale.

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